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Hiring a Portland, OR Long Distance Mover

If you are going to make a long-distance move to or from Portland, Oregon and another state, then it is important to hire a licensed and insured moving company. Each state has different regulations concerning moving trucks, so if you hire a company that doesn’t have the correct type of licensing for a region, then it can lead to problems. One of the problems might include an accident that leads to damage of your personal property. If this situation occurs, then an insurance company could refuse to reimburse you for the items if the movers don’t have the proper licensing for the state where the accident occurs. For this reason, out of state or interstate moves are governed by the US Department of Transportation. To be licensed for state-to-state household goods transport, moving companies must register through FMCSA and show proof of insurance that will protect the items they transport regardless of the state they’re driving through.

Tips for Hiring a Cross Country Moving Company

1. Get a Written Estimate

Make sure to have the moving company send a representative to your home to provide a written estimate. FMCSA requires that moving companies provide in-home estimates if their business is located within 50 miles of the pick-up location. Verify that the movers understand where you are moving to and how many household goods require loading onto a truck. You may want to inquire about additional services such as packing your possessions. Have several companies visit your home to provide an estimate before deciding on one.

2. Read Your Contract Carefully

Before signing a contract, read it carefully to determine if the moving company can increase the price of the move after loading your household goods onto the truck. There are cases of movers refusing to unload a customer’s possessions after arriving at the destination unless the individual provides more money immediately. Keep a copy of the contract with you instead of packing it inside a box that is on the moving truck. Also, know that legally, a mover cannot charge more than 10% more than the originally quoted price unless they officially amend the contract (and you sign it) to include additional services or goods.

3. Ask a Lot of Questions

Some moving companies will use multiple drivers to make deliveries of household goods to another state. The first driver will drive to a location before transferring the truck to a new driver. If you are moving across the country, then this situation can occur several times. Be sure to understand who is driving and how long you can expect the delivery to take.

4. Are Your Possessions Safe?

There are thieves who will break into moving trucks that are parked at hotels or rest stops because they know that they can steal valuable items such as televisions. Make sure that a moving company has security systems on its trucks to prevent theft in these situations.

5. Are the Movers Background Screened?

The movers will enter your current home to load items, and they will also enter your new home to unload items. You must verify that the movers have been background screened to protect your family and possessions. Remember to change the locks on your new home after you move to avoid situations such as someone making a key to a door while inside your home.

6. Understand the Insurance Claim Process

Make sure to check all your possessions right away to determine if anything is damaged to make a claim. Your moving company should provide you with information on filing a claim at the beginning of the moving process.


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