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Best Way to Tackle Packing Your Garage for Your Relocation

Moving day can sometimes be a stressful event. Ensuring that items are safely packed, loaded and that nothing is left behind is difficult and time-consuming. To make matters worse, you may be concerned about how to go through and pack all the items in your garage. Here, we will give you several essential tips from movers and packers in Portland to make packing your garage easier.

Gather packing materials and supplies

The items in your garage will likely be much different than the items you have inside your home. Therefore, you will need different packing materials and supplies.  The items found in your garage will likely be heavy, large, liquid, flammable or dangerous, and simple cardboard boxes might not work. Obtain discarded milk crates and heavy-duty bins and plastic containers. Also have tape, string, and rope handy for purposes of securing these items during transport.

Discard unnecessary items

Moving day is a great time to get rid of unwanted items. As you go through your garage, through away the items, you don’t want or use anymore.

Separate items by category

Once you have discarded all the unnecessary items, you can now start separating them. For example, any long-handled items can be wrapped together, while tools and other machinery should be packaged securely.

Pack and seal containers

Once you have separated everything and you know what you want to keep, you can start placing items in their containers, with the heavier items placed in the milk crates and heavy-duty plastic containers. Seal your items as needed with either string, rope or tape. Make sure liquids are packed and transported right side up. The United States Department of Labor provides additional information regarding the handling of certain materials.

Place garage items in a staging area

After your garage items have been packed, stack them on one side of the garage out of the way of people loading the truck. You may want to consider moving these items onto the truck last, so they are easily removed and stored in your new garage.

Get help lifting items

Once you are ready to start moving/transporting your garage items, be sure to ask for assistance in lifting these items, they tend to be heavy and awkward in shape and size which can cause you to suffer injury. The National Safety Council provides helpful tips and information for safely lifting heavy items.

Packing the items in your garage can be made easy if you follow these simple steps. Happy packing!

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