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If you’re planning a residential move, you may consider handling the move yourself. Round up some friends, rent a truck, and order some pizza! But ask anyone who has moved their own household – they’ll tell you the DIY approach takes much longer, things get broken, and sometimes people get hurt. A residential moving service can move your entire home or apartment for you without the DIY risks. If you’re on a tight budget, you can hire professional movers just to handle the heavy lifting. This popular approach is less expensive, but much safer.  Consider having your moving service also wrap and secure your large furniture and appliances – it’s worth the cost to protect them from damage. Whatever services you need, our partner moving companies will provide a detailed price quote.

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At Cheap Movers Portland, we specialize in helping you find qualified movers for your home in the greater Portland metropolitan area. We make sure our moving companies are reliable, licensed, and insured. Let us help you find a residential moving service that fits your needs:


Hourly Moving Services

Hourly services work best for short-distance moving and small loads. Hire trained, professional movers and a truck on an hourly or daily basis.  This budget-friendly service is perfect when you want to handle all your own packing. Be sure to wrap and secure your furniture and be ready to load up when the truck arrives.


Apartment Movers

Moving your apartment may seem like a small job, but it can be complicated. You may be liable for damage to hallways and stairwells, so carrying things up and down yourself is risky. Professional movers are trained in moving furniture up and down stairs and through elevators. They’ll bring enough staff and the right equipment to avoid damage to the property and your belongings.


Condo Movers

Residential moving companies who are experienced in condo moving can help your move go quickly and smoothly. Condominium associations often have strict rules about moving in and out.  Check with your association management about regulations and moving times and provide the information to your movers. You can be charged for damage to buildings and walkways, and they may require elevators to be padded while moving. Like apartments, condos require special equipment for moving heavy items.


House Moves

With our residential moving partners, you’ll have vetted and licensed movers working in your home. Professional residential movers from the Portland area can give you an in-house estimate. They’ll calculate how many boxes you’ll need, what size truck to use, and how large your team of movers needs to be. You’ll be able to discuss how much of the home you’d like to pack yourself, and how much they’ll do for you.


Full-Service Household Moving

A full-service move includes all moving services – an in-home assessment, calculation, and quote, and wrapping all furniture and appliances. Plus, your moving company will carefully pack your entire house for you. They’ll also place your furniture and unpack all boxes at your new home. This end-to-end service isn’t just for long distance moving. Retirees and large households within the Portland area can especially benefit from full service moving.


Packing and Crating Services

Furniture, art and decor that has carving, marble, or mirrors may need to be specially packed or crated for moving. Residential movers protect your valuables and can deliver them locally or ship them long distance.


Moving A Piano

Whether you need to move an old upright piano or a valuable baby grand, let a residential moving specialist handle it for you. They know how to handle these delicate instruments to make sure they travel well-supported and arrive safely.


Loading and Unloading Services

Find professional movers to help you load just about anything – they’ll make sure your load is secure for travel. If you’re receiving a shipment and need to unload, professional movers have the staff and equipment to handle it for you.

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Residential Moving Checklist for Your Upcoming Relocation

Stay on top of your move with this handy relocation checklist!


Before Your Move:

  • Clear the clutter! Give your cupboards and closets a ruthless cleanout and donate old clothes, toys, kitchen items, books, etc. 
  • Buy large, brightly colored labels, and assign a colored label to each room of the house. Put a big stack of the colored labels and a thick marker in each room for packing. 
  • Make a box for old towels, t-shirts, and bedding to use for packing – you can donate them after you move. 
  • Heavy items like books and papers are expensive to move – if you’re moving out of state, donate those extra reams of paper and unread books.
  • Skip your weekly dusting and spend the time on something else. You’ll need to dust everything when you move into your new home.
  • Organize your home office – pack up any files you’d normally archive, seal and label them for the storage area in your new house.
  • Take down any window treatments you’re taking with you, and wash or clean them so they’re ready to hang. Wrap in plastic for moving.
  • Fold a sticker label with the name of the matching lamp onto the metal part of each lamp shade so you can match them up quickly.
  • Check your garage and attic – if you saved any boxes from small appliances, stereo equipment, or computers, use them to pack those items.
  • Buy a package of extra-large, clear plastic contractor bags for pillows, bedding and rugs – you’ll be able to see what’s in them when unloading the truck.
  • Start packing! Buy packing tape in bulk and buy or borrow a few tape dispensers for sealing boxes.
  • Pack a few boxes marked OPEN FIRST. Put hand soap and paper towels, paper plates and napkins, toilet paper, towels, sheets, a blanket, coffee maker and coffee, a few light bulbs, cleaning spray, and anything else that will get you through the first night.

During and After Moving: 

  • In rooms with large furniture, put a bold paper sign on the wall where you want it placed. Keep your message simple: “Center the bed on this wall” or “China Cabinet on this wall” will save lots of time.
  • Get out your colored stickers and put a sticker with the color you’ve assigned to each room on the door of that room.
  • Point out your colored stickers to the team unloading the truck.  Blue sticker on door? Blue stickered things go in there.
  • Find your boxes labeled OPEN FIRST. Open them and make coffee. Order lunch.
  • Set up one bathroom with towels, soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • Put your bed frames together as early as possible.  Once furniture is in the room, get the sheets out of your OPEN FIRST boxes and make the beds, so you’re not doing it at midnight.
  • If you have fine china and glassware, have the boxes stacked beside the china cabinet, and unpack them later.
  • If you have area rugs, ask the movers to unroll and place them for you. Rugs are heavy, so you’ll be glad you did. 
  • Unpack your kitchen first – it’ll help life get back to normal more quickly. 
  • Take your time unpacking less important items like china, books, and off-season clothes. 
  • Enjoy your new home! 

While this checklist is a helpful guide for planning your move, finding movers should be the first thing you check off your list. Call, text, or submit an online request for your free moving quotes from Cheap Movers Portland now!

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