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Planning a business move in the Portland, OR and Vancouver area? Whether you’re planning to relocate your office around the corner or across the country, Cheap Movers Portland can help you find the right office moving company. Commercial office movers are trained to properly pack, load, and transport both office equipment and furnishings. Teams must disassemble office cubicles and desk units, label everything for transport, then reassemble them to fit your new office layout. Computers and IT systems, printers, fax machines, data storage and other delicate components should be packed by moving professionals. All these elements must be organized and readily available for quick setup in your new office location. Experienced office moving professionals can help reduce downtime, so your business is back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Commercial Moving Solutions for Your Business

Find the services you need to quickly transition your office to a new location:


Local Office Moving

Even a short-distance commercial move from Portland to Vancouver means disconnecting computers, packing up equipment, and moving heavy cabinets and desks. Experienced office movers are trained to take apart and reassemble office furniture.  Cheap Movers Portland knows qualified commercial moving companies that will help your office or small business relocation go smoothly.


Long Distance Office Relocation

Relocating a business to a new city or state has special challenges. You’ll need a moving company in the Portland-Vancouver area to make an on-site visit and provide a detailed plan. Our business and office movers know how to keep your out-of-state move on schedule and on budget. Professional equipment packing is recommended, so everything is protected and labeled for the unpacking team at the new business location.


Business Storage

Storing furniture, files or equipment is often a necessary part of moving your business.  Whether you need temporary or long-term storage, use a commercial relocation mover that offers warehousing services. Cheap Movers Portland can connect your business with a specialist in office moving and storage to help make your relocation as easy as possible.


Specialty Business Moving

Moving a business when you have fragile or bulky equipment requires professionally trained, commercial relocation movers. Whether you’re moving medical or imaging equipment, industrial equipment, a salon or spa, restaurant, or retail, we’ll refer you to a licensed, bonded, and insured moving company.


Business Employee Relocation

Moving your business often means relocating employees – don’t leave your staff without professional support! Find a moving company that handles both commercial and residential relocations.  Licensed relocation movers are insured and trained to handle long-distance moving – packing, furniture protection, storage, and coordinating with the team at the new location. Cheap Movers Portland partners with experienced, reliable movers in the Portland, Vancouver, Hillsboro, Gresham and Beaverton areas to coordinate moving your business and your staff.

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Tips for Successfully Moving Your Office

Whether you’re relocating an office of five or five hundred employees, you’ll want to follow the same guidelines for prepping, packing and moving your business. Here are some of the top tips for successfully navigating your commercial relocation:


  • Start early! Let your staff know you’re moving well ahead of time and have them schedule some prep time every week.  
  • Clean and purge: Depending on your business, files over a certain age (5-10 years) can be tossed out. Check with your accountant to be sure – some files need to be kept long-term for tax purposes. 
  • Records that need long term storage (legal and medical, for example) should be separated and sent to your storage facility. If you use paperwork and files for current clients, consider digitizing them and using software – it’s the 21st century!  
  • Clear out and reduce personal clutter around the office. Check the closets, locker areas, and storage rooms where clutter accumulates.  Donate those old gift baskets, empty vases, and office supplies no one uses anymore. Schools are a great place to donate – they even take empty ink cartridges for fundraising. 
  • Take inventory of your office furniture and make note of anything that’s broken or not being used. Moving is a great time to reorganize and make sure each workspace is in good repair and efficient for the employee.  
  • Sell or donate any surplus furniture or office equipment a few weeks before the move.
  • Take an inventory of your computers, printers, and other IT equipment. If something is outdated and needs replacing, don’t pay to move it. Make sure everything is in working order and decide whether you need it at your new business location.
  • Dispose of old computer equipment properly – donate it if it’s working or recycle it. Old cords and cables should be recycled for their copper. Be sure to keep computers and monitors out of the trash and out of the landfill.
  • Make a notebook (and digital file or spreadsheet) of your inventory to keep track of everything during the move.
  • Buy large colored stickers and assign each workstation a unique color. Decide on a uniform naming system for labels – “Employee name/Job” for example.
  • Before disassembling any computer setup, make sure everything is backed up and you have a secure copy of all your data.
  • Have employees pack their own desk areas the day before the movers arrive. As they pack their workstation, they’ll use one sticker color to label everything – including any computers, printers, cords and cables they’ll use at their new desk. Pack computer cords, phone, printer etc. in one box for quick and easy setup.
  • Make a box or two labeled “Open First” and pack the essentials – paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper, coffee maker, snacks – anything that’ll help you function normally on moving day. Ask your movers to load that box last and unload it first!  Set up your kitchen/break area and bathrooms right away to help everyone settle in at your new office. 

Though there’s a lot you can do to prepare for your move, the best first step is hiring a knowledgeable moving company that can facilitate the entire process. To find a commercial moving company in Portland, OR, call Cheap Movers Portland.

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