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Vancouver, WA is a great place to move to – for its tech industry jobs, natural beauty, and culture. Whether you’re relocating to the Vancouver area from elsewhere, or just moving locally, Cheap Movers Portland is your online resource for qualified moving companies. Our Vancouver area movers are licensed, insured professionals – let us refer you for a free quote. Planning a move is stressful and overwhelming but finding a mover to do the job doesn’t have to be. We know the best local moving companies, who provide reliable relocation services to Vancouver and the surrounding area. Here at Cheap Movers Portland, all our listings are vetted, so you can be confident they’re licensed and insured. The whole moving process is so much easier when you work with a local moving company.

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Relocating to Vancouver, WA

Vancouver WA is a quiet, conservative town just across the river from Portland that’s known for its excellent schools, more affordable housing (when compared to neighboring Portland), and family-friendly environment. Outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing and white-water rafting are popular. Once a farming community, Vancouver is now the home of the historic Hudson’s Bay Trading post. The historic fur trading and economic hub of the Pacific Northwest, the Trading Post was founded in 1824. Nowadays, Vancouver is known as a commuter suburb to Portland, but it’s quite self-sufficient with hospitals, shopping malls, Clark College, and a Washington State University branch campus. If you’re looking for nightlife, the artsy culture of Portland is just a short drive away. Vancouver is home to several large manufacturers (e.g., Sharp, SEH America, Alcoa, HP), so there are plenty of employment opportunities here.


If your job brings you to the Portland-Vancouver area and you’re looking for family-oriented neighborhoods, Vancouver could be a great place to live. Getting organized to requires research – will you need a moving company in Vancouver? Do you have friends and family to help load up your moving truck? If you’re relocating to the area, you may need assistance unloading the truck and setting up your new home. If it’s a local move in Vancouver, it’s still complicated trying to get your entire household resituated. Cheap Movers Portland is the best source for referrals to affordable moving companies in the Vancouver-Portland area. Get a fast, free quote from one of our professional moving and storage companies. We’ll put you in touch with the cheapest movers – whether you plan to move to Vancouver, or to the other side of the country. We make sure our partners are licensed, bonded and insured, before we’ll list them among our local moving companies.

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Vancouver, WA Packing and Moving Services

Get all the help you need to tackle your move, whether you’re moving a studio apartment to another zip code or an entire 4-bedroom home to another state:


Residential Movers

When you’re moving to a new house, hire these movers to professionally pack and move everything. They’re specialists in moving big family households. You can also hire them just for moving services and do the packing yourself, if you’re on a tight budget and need an inexpensive mover.


Local Movers

Local movers can be a big help, because they live in and know the neighborhood. The local moving companies have plenty of experience packing and moving houses, apartments and condos in Vancouver. If you’re moving a short distance, local movers may give you the cheapest price. Call a Vancouver area moving service for help unloading when move to the city.


Long Distance Movers

Long distance moving companies save you the hassle of driving a cumbersome moving truck across the country. They also offer the best prices on LTL (small load) transportation, for low cost moving. These are the movers to call for relocating out-of-state or far across Oregon.


Apartment Movers

Moving your apartment means you’ll need to be especially careful of the building’s walls, hallways and elevators. If you have a small studio or 1-bedroom apartment truckload, we can find you a professional moving company who works with smaller loads.


Household Movers

Household, or residential movers, will pack and wrap everything for you to get you relocated quickly. They can also help with setup at your new house. It may not be inexpensive, but if you don’t have nearby family or friends to help or have limited mobility, let Cheap Movers Portland find the best household mover for you.


Furniture Movers

Furniture Movers are specialists trained to handle bulky furniture. Whether you’re moving an oversized credenza, or a storage unit filled to the brim with furnishings, Cheap Movers Portland can refer you to licensed and insured furniture movers near you. Call a furniture mover if you need to load or unload furniture or deliver and assemble new furniture.


Piano Movers

For local or long-distance piano moving, you’ll need a specialty piano mover. They know how to securely wrap and crate pianos and other heavy, delicate items. Whether you’re moving a small upright or a huge concert grand, we’ll find you a Portland or Vancouver piano mover in seconds along with a free quote.


Appliance Movers

Move heavy appliances quickly, without damage or back injuries by hiring a Vancouver appliance moving company. These companies come equipped with the tools and manpower to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Interstate Movers

If you’re moving out of Oregon look for an interstate mover. They pack your home for long distance moving and have large trucks that will carry your possessions the entire trip. Interstate moving specialists are licensed and insured to cross state lines. Find the best state-to-state professional movers from Cheap Movers Portland and get the cheapest prices on your relocation.


Senior Movers

Some professional movers love working with seniors – they know that moving as a senior citizen can be especially stressful and emotional. Senior movers offer professional packing services, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and downsizing help to make this transition to a new home go smoothly.


Intrastate Movers

If you’re moving within Oregon state, it might be a long-distance move, after all, Oregon is over 300 miles wide. Get a quote for your intrastate move from the licensed and insured moving companies from the Cheap Movers Portland network.


No matter where your move takes you, Cheap Movers Portland is here to find you superior services from legitimate companies for less! Save up to 35% on your next Vancouver move. Request a free quote now!

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