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Packing up and moving your home or apartment is very stressful – even if your move is local. Just moving in town from Portland to Gresham requires lots of planning and time.  While it may be a short distance, you’ll have to get organized, wrap and pack your possessions carefully, find or hire help, and rent a truck. You may have to bring large furniture up and down stairs or through narrow hallways. The stress and worry of the moving process can be overwhelming, so it’s a big help to find a mover who’s a member of your community.


Cheap Movers Portland specializes in helping our clients find qualified and reliable movers for in-town and across town moves. Our vetting process will help you find moving companies in Portland, Hillsboro, Gresham, Beaverton, and Vancouver that are staffed with moving professionals who live in those areas and are familiar with them. Request a moving quote and get free estimates from one or more of Portland’s best moving companies.

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Hiring the right movers simplifies your relocation. Here are some of the ways Cheap Movers Portland works to find you the best moving company:


Find Reliable, Local Professional Movers in Portland

Career professionals in the moving industry have training and experience – they know how to correctly pack and move everything from small breakables to huge armoires. They’re responsible, reliable, and maintain insurance. Cheap Movers Portland works only with moving companies that have been vetted, to confirm they are:


  • Licensed and insured 
  • Responsible for damages 
  • Trained and Experienced

Narrow your search for a moving company by only considering professional movers researched and vetted for you by Cheap Portland Movers.


Portland Area Moving & Storage Help

Our local Portland moving professionals aren’t only knowledgeable about the city, they have the local staff and equipment needed to help your move go smoothly. Do you need to move on short notice, send some items to storage, or move today? Cheap Movers Portland can help you find professionals around Portland – in Hillsboro, Gresham, Beaverton, and Vancouver that can fit your tight schedule.


Working with moving companies in your neighborhood can give you more flexibility. Trucks, vans, and storage units are located and accessible within the Portland and Vancouver metropolitan areas.  Additional services, such as packing, transport to and from storage, storage units and movable storage pods are more efficient and affordable when you hire a local moving and storage company.


If you need more staff, packing materials, or storage services than originally planned, a moving company from Cheap Movers Portland will have the resources you need. You won’t have to worry about bribing friends and family to help you finish your move!

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Portland & Vancouver Moving Services

Tackle your upcoming relocation with the assistance of the area’s best moving crews:


House and Apartment Moving

For a local move, you might choose to do your own packing or Cheap Movers Portland can find professionals to do it for you. They’ll determine the size truck you’ll need, bring enough help, and load and unload your furniture and personal items in an organized way. Moving company staff will place furniture where you need it, so your rooms are prepared and ready for unpacking.


Commercial Movers for Office and Retail

We can help you find a mover who will relocate your office or retail shop according to plan. Desks and files can be carefully labeled and placed where needed in the new location. Computers and printers will be carefully wrapped, labeled and delivered to the correct room for setup. Merchandise may require packing and unpacking services or temporary storage.


Short and LongTerm Storage

Moving house sometimes means sending some things to storage. Moving and storage companies provide both moving services and storage of personal effects. For short term storage, a movable container can be brought to your home – you’ll fill it with your items for storage, and the mover will pick it up and store it until you need it. If you need long term storage, your mover may prefer to load a truck with your goods and take them to their warehousing facility. Let us help you find a company that offers both moving and storage services to streamline your relocation.


Piano Movers

Pianos come in many shapes and styles and are notoriously heavy and awkward to move. They can be damaged easily if not handled by experts. Professionally trained movers will know how to wrap the piano and remove the legs if necessary. Even if you’re not moving to a new house, if you need to move a piano, you can find a professional moving company to do so on our site.


Moving Appliances

Our vendors who offer appliance moving services are well worth the expense. They’ll have the tools to strap appliances tightly shut and appliance moving dollies to do the heavy lifting. Your movers may also want to remove doors or shelves from an appliance for safe travel. Be sure to take their advice, so it can be reassembled upon delivery to your new home.


Moving Pool Tables & Large Furniture

Pool tables can weigh hundreds of pounds and need to be at least partly disassembled for moving. If you’re moving a pool table or other large unusual item like a bar, library units, or bed cabinet, you need professionals! There are many Portland moving companies that specialize in transporting pool tables and other large items, so be sure to ask!


Packing and Unpacking

When you call a moving company, they’ll quote you separately for packing your personal belongings. Using a professional mover to pack your dishes and breakables is a good idea, even if you do most of your own packing. But before you bust out the boxes, be sure to go through your home and purge. Most of us have a lot more stuff than we realize, so moving is the best time to donate or sell anything you won’t need in the new home.


Loading and Unloading Services

Moving companies can be hired just for loading and unloading your rented truck. If you’re on a budget, you can do your own packing and hire movers to handle the heavy lifting. You may need to check with a few local Portland movers on our list to see if they provide loading and unloading only.


Moving the Same Day

If you’re in a hurry to move, searching Cheap Movers Portland can be a big help. A larger company with several trucks may have some time in their schedule. Or, a small mover may just have a free day when you need them.


To get started with your Portland relocation, please contact Cheap Movers Portland today for your free quote!

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